Can Sulfasalazine cause Weight Loss?

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Losing weight is located for those who are female, particularly among those who take Sulfasalazine, 50-59 also have rheumatoid arthritis, and old additionally take drug Humira. This review examines which individuals have Weight loss. EHealthMe creates it based on reports who’ve side effects when taking sulfasalazine from FDA, and individuals of 19,517 is updated frequently.

Reported to individuals 19,517 have side effects when taking Sulfasalazine. Among them, 57 individuals (0.29%) have weight loss

Gender of people who have Weight Loss when taking sulfasalazine

female:65.45 %
male:34.55 %

Age of people who have weight loss when taking sulfasalazine

0-111.11 %
2-922.22 %
10-1915.56 %
20-290.0 %
30-394.44 %
40-4911.11 %
50-5931.11 %
60+4.44 %

Top conditions involved for these people

Rheumatoid Arthritis21 people, 36.84%
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis16 people, 28.07%
Multiple Myeloma11 people, 19.30%
High Blood Pressure11 people, 19.30%
Vitamin Supplementation6 people, 10.53%

Top other side effects for these people

Diarrhea37 people, 64.91%
Nausea29 people, 50.88%
Nausea And Vomiting28 people, 49.12%
Dizziness25 people, 43.86%
Drug Ineffective24 people, 42.11%

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