The use of sulfasalazine with prednisone in Crohn’s disease is more effective?

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Several research have shown that both sulfasalazine and prednisone are successful treatments for Crohn’s disease, even though some disagreement remains regarding the comparative advantages of the drugs for disorder in various places (colon vs. small bowel). Furthermore, previous studies haven’t expressly addressed the additive benefits of the drugs. In this 16-week trial, 60 patients with new-onset or relapsing Crohn’s disease were randomly assigned for sulfasalazine (4 to 6 grams/day) plus either placebo or prednisone (30 mg/day initially, tapered within 8 weeks into a maintenance dosage of 10 milligrams/day).

Through the very first 6 weeks, the group receiving combined treatment had a reaction that is better in relation to the group receiving sulfasalazine alone, in accordance with a standardized index of disease activity according to measures that are objective. The advantages of combined treatment were most striking in patients with colonic involvement (with or without coexisting small- bowel disorder). From the sixteenth week, the benefits of combined treatment had become insignificant.

The mix of sulfasalazine and prednisone therefore seems to decrease the action of Crohn’s disease more quickly than sulfasalazine. On the other hand, the extra advantage conferred by prednisone drop in the dosage, at least after several months.

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